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More Repetitive Notes
By Belsnickle on 2012-12-19/UserImages/Bels1.JPG


As is always the case I've been working on this bit by bit over the course of the two months since my last update. Most of what has been going on has been back-end stuff you can't visibly see without poster level access. In other words you have to be me.

The image included is an example of what it looks like, there shouldn't be any issues with the inclusion of the image but there might be. I need to write up some new ways to do stuff on this side to simplify this set up as it's currently a major pain to get articles done. Eventually it will get there, there's not much more major work to get done. Implementation of a comment system, an editing system, and a number of small tweaks for a more pleasurable editing experience.

Now all I need are things worth writing about and the will to do the deed.