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I Find Myself Distracted
By Belsnickle on 2012-12-23/UserImages/Bels1.JPG


Time on the personal computers these days is often split between the web browser and, with increasingly less focus, on native applications. In recent years this has led to a shift in development approach to the Graphical User Interface. When something doesn't look right or feel right it's obvious, particularly when there are so many distinct and varied stylistic approaches to the same thing.

Google has made leaps and bounds in the flow and comfort of the web browser interface with Chrome but there's still quite a bit left to be desired. Pain points like the inability to hide interface elements, a non-transparent windows bar, and most prominently the lack of supported deskbands for Windows 7.

The two most prominent uses of deskbands seem to be the old Windows Media Player and Itunes. Deskband provides support for an Address bar that loads the default browser. When enabled this functionality makes it increasingly mind boggling that minimalists like the Chromium development team doing significantly more to exploit this. The Windows Taskbar already provides a Bookmark like function with the Links toolbar. Also provided is access to desktop menus through the Desktop toolbar, with small icons and bound to the top of the screen all it would take is a focus based address bar to replace the Windows default and the ability to hide Chrome's native address bar.