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Dark Age of Wythia
August 18th, 2010

  • Three years later plenty has changed. Wythia is currently up and just moved servers, User:Karek is helping code around there and a number of updates are in the works with the majority of activity being directed towards optimizing the code on the new server.
August 5th, 2007

  • axis005 continues to work on getting the game back up, the plan seems to be to restore Generation 5 before he leaves so the game is back up before November. Suggestions for Generation 6 continue to be accepted on the game forums, additional information to the state of the game can also be found there.
Ambroid News
7th August 08

  • Game Announcement: NEW FEATURE:Players now automatically join alliance after signup to the game.

29th May 08

  • Ambroid season restarted due to host collapse. The season resumes and will end on the 29th september. Due to this there has been a server change! Hopefully the game should run faster now.

11th December 07

  • Ambroid 3.6: installed security updates, user account restore capabiltys, administration improvements. Video's feature added, Video page added, Free land page removed, Explore land page revised with new pay for land feature and free land. Chatroom improovements to v1.2 chat. User simplicity reviewed, changed some layouts of forms. Surrender Army function implimented, Sent messages page added. Premium Ambroiders now allowed multiple accounts. Banned page removed (due to lack of reason for it being there).
Urban Dead News
August 5th, 2007

  • The NMC has publicly announced that they will make their stand against the megahorde LUE at Stickling Mall. This comes as a bit of a surprise due to the malls proximity to Ridleybank, Barrville, and Stanbury Village which is the area commonly known as the Zombie Homeland.
  • The Zombie News Network has been reestablished and is once again producing news, they also now have a dedicated radio station, 28.28Mhz.
  • The Caiger Resistance Front has moved closer to Caiger Mall itself. Surprisingly this has not caused the survivors of Caiger Mall to start screaming about the coming of LUE, which is probably a first for the area. If ud:LUE does come it seems that the Caiger Mall Survivors will have as little support as they did in the Third Siege of Caiger.
  • LUE continues to attack the Dowdney Mall area and as reports have it they currently have control of both Necrotechs and are breaking into buildings surrounding both regularly. Revives are still fast, but the question arises, how long will Survivor supplies last, especially now that LUE controls the siege tempo.
  • The Militant Order of Barhah are currently making South West Malton zombie friendly.
  • The Extinction horde is putting pressure on North West Malton with a recent ransack of Calvert Mall. Survivors in that area of Malton are unable to organize a resistance and seem to be retreating south.
  • The survivor group DORIS has reformed and are currently attempting to reclaim Dulston, the suburb they refer to as New Baghdad. How the Dulston Alliance will react to this is yet to be seen but most people expect it to result in a shooting war between the two groups, tensions are high and the fact that many other survivor groups have thrown their support behind DORIS makes this a conflict to watch. Dulston may end up being referred to as the next Shearbank before the chapter comes to a close.
  • Attempts to retake the Giddings Mall area continue along but how well is a mystery. It is suspected that most of the people who would normally help survivor groups reclaim the suburb are distracted due to the Ridleybank Resistance Front and LUe who have both recently destroyed malls in the greater area of East Malton.
  • The Ridleybank Resistance Front has recently ransacked Blesley Mall.

August 1st, 2007

  • Dowdney Mall fell after 36 hours of siege by LUE, their longest yet. Dewes NT, fell yesterday too a decent sized horde of LUE zombies and Hall NT is currently contested by both the coalition of survivors and the zombie groups of LUE and RRF. All eyes are on Santlerville particularly those of the Dulston Alliance's sub groups which fear LUE may have them and Treweeke Mall as the next in line for assault. The question arises, how long will North East Malton under assault from zombies and how long will it be in zombie control once LUE moves out of the area.
  • MOB continues it's rampage through the South West Malton brining death and destruction with them through Brooksville.
  • The RRF continues to maintain a presence in Ridleybank, Barrville, and Stanbury Village and are ravaging Gulonside and Havercroft.
  • Numerous survivor groupstoo many to accredit have begun trying to clear Roachtown of zombies, although as it is a border suburb of Ridleybank the question isn't if it can be done but rather how long the RRF will ignore the groups.

July 30th, 2007

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