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Welcome to the Wiki

So far there isn't much here because it was made recently and the guy who made it is tired. Expect more content eventually, it's in the works. Until then stop by the forums and have a chat with some people. Any user input is welcome here and there and feel free to edit the pages, even this one.

Expect some changes and updates herish as I work on some stuff. My next goal is going to be to get Sheet working in a database referring manner. That and finishing up a new version of PAI2.php the site index so that they're both DB driven as a sort of groundwork to a more long term project I'm looking at. Hopefully I can get all of this done in the next month or two, it really all depends on how much time I can manage to wrangle to throw in it's direction.

Stuff on wythia will be slow right now, at least from my part. Not that many people around here know or probably care about wythia other than myself. Not that there's much anyone else around these parts.

Outdated news for various games can be found at Games Portal, you're all more than welcome to help get those up to date.

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