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Short Precursor of Nothingness


I'm karek, if you're here by now you know me. I administrate the General Squad website and am currently working on various things as well as playing various games. This is meant to just be a general wiki about whatever catches interest, mostly group stuff. Some of my pages include references to Urban Dead, Nexus War, Darkageofwythia, and Ambroid. I do not own any of these games and do not profit from this site in any way, shape, or form.

Nexus War Characters

I'm currently trying to work out what classes are best for what, it's a very strange and kinda screwy system NW runs, especially when it's your first time through(things like H2H mattering as much as it does is kinda counter-intuitive cause as a mortal it's crap).

  • Karek(ಠ_ಠ) finally made it to DO after a bit of work, without a raid group it's mostly luck of the draw or 1 xp per ap leveling, still faster than trying to heal group-less though. The first major goal with him was joining a cult, he's my first cult T3 and after a bit of consideration, and not a bit of people telling me how absurdly hard it would be(thankee), I chose Tholaghru. The cult gifts for both Tholaghru and Ahg-za-haru seem decently nice for a DO but Spell Reflection took the cake. It did help that it both fits the intended theme of my DO(Dark Face of Chaos, etc) and is harder to get favor in, I like a challenge, especially an impossible one.
  • So, Vecusum is currently my crazy Scary Friend alt. He likes it there, lots for him to do. Currently though he's not leveling as fast as he could, I have him doing support faction things(which is exactly what he was created for) but most none of those give any experience at all, he goes weeks without earning a single point. Good thing that at level 22 he already has every major thing he needs and the ability to switch to combat rather easily thanks to transcribe spell and Greater Infusion.
  • Belsnickle is taking longer to T3 than most of my other characters, even though he was my fastest to level 15. This is, of course, because I didn't realize how much experience I could get through crafting and didn't start going through the faction safe until very recently. It is actually giving me more experience than attacking does with an alt whose whole build is set up for combat, then again he doesn't hunt.
  • For anyone wondering he is still going to be an invisible Void Walker, I'm still trying to figure out ways for him to be competent in both major VW trees and have a decent combat focus(I'm thinking of fitting throwing in there somewhere as it is great for high risk high reward, with the 30 damage items, I think). Hopefully it won't prove too difficult, I don't doubt it will take a lot of grinding and time though.
  • The Rubberband Man is my 5th account, it's also the one that has leveled the fastest. He would still be leveling, and near 30 now, if I didn't forcefully stop healing so I could get all of the Exploration Badges before Respawn cost more than a fourth of the days' AP. The Rubberband Man is currently my favorite in many ways, he was my second T3, and healer(Vecusum was the first and showed me how absurdly fast it was in the right faction), he's my first and only Lich and I'm already liking the class with my first abilities being Vestige of the Wraith and Terrifying Aspect. He's able to do most anything I'd need him to do and I've already calculated out what I'm going to do with him in the long run, without grinding anything I should be able to get every skill I want/need with some excess left over. I like left overs and have little doubt that I'm going to enjoy finishing up this character and then helping my faction.
    • # The Rubberband Man has maxed out! (Sun, 14 Sep 2008 16:23:36 -0500)
  • Roirgn, What to way about Roirgn. He's my biggest hassle yet. I thought Karek was a problem but at least Karek could level off of combat, Roirgn can only attack 1 out of every 10 people he comes across, there's not much healing to be done in the faction he's in(which means it's a hassle to get MO up 20). He spent a lot of time trying to find a good faction that could use a healer, none of them can because they either have pets doing it or no one bothers to actually drop their HP through Sorcerer's Might to help the low level players. He's currently in Children of the Lightbulb after spending some time in both the wrench and AoSG and disliking both not only because they seem indifferent to their members but they don't do much. Children at least talk to their members, and I can say I do like the location as I can stock up easy and have a lot of area to search for targets even if I often end up respawning more than 10 AP away(islands).
    • Oh, did I mention he's going to be a H2H Seraph, I know it sounds ridiculous but I'm already enjoying punching things for like 9 damage, being pretty dodgy, and pretty soaky. I know there are better H2H classes but I chose this for the 100 HP, I can always try working in a secondary combat type if I really end up needing it.

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